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Rain in Spain

USA | Thursday, 1 October 2009 | Views [331] | Comments [3]

Today, for the first time since I arrived, it rained.  It was pretty heavy for a couple of hours and then it stopped and the sun came out.  In the end, it was a very cool but pleasant day.

I had a free period first thing this a.m. and I took full advantage of the time to read and take a siesta.  Later, I had two one-to-one's.  Both were very good.  One was spent 'gossiping' about the pairing off of the some of the folks.  There are a couple of relationships developing.  Later, we went to a group room and watched a series of skits but on by volunteers.  One was a take-off on the dating game where the girl had to choose between Antonio Banderas, Andreas Fittapaldi (italian racer), and Luke Skywalker.  Also, an anglo taught three volunteers to make balloon animals and then we had to choose the best one.  These activities are typically hilarious, with lots of shouting and clapping involved.  Following the skits, we did groups of 4 and played a game.  My group selected Taboo.  My partner was very competitive (unlike me--haha) so we ended up knocking off the other team easily.  I really think that there was some cheating by the others.  I mean, how could the Spaniard know "G-String"?  Suspicious.

Food was good today.  I had Russian salad for lunch, which was made of potatoes, eggs, tuna, mayo, peas.  The fish plate wasn't so good but I was already full.  Thankfully, we had fresh fruit only for dessert.  The peach was perfect.  For dinner, I had carrot soup and swordfish, followed by a very whipped cream and fuit pastry.  Plenty of wine, coffee, and water.

There was more political talk today.  Generally, all the europeans think very highly of Obama.  It appears that they were not so fond of our previous president.  I heard again about the concern about the Spanish schools and the children are disrespectful, can't read, can't spell, and can't carry on a conversation.  Hmmmm.

I have a list of ideas for what to do in Madrid when I return.  I'm anxious to go to the Prada and the the flea market.



okay.......I'm reading all this and getting pretty jealous!!! Sounds like you are having fun and learning much more about your surroundings than when we travel together.....When you coming home??? Sorry I missed your call when you left....I think I was out spending money.....

the other part of Lucy/Ethel

  sutt Oct 1, 2009 10:38 AM


I just finished reading your last couple of entries. You are having way too much fun! I loved the pig story--has he(or she) come to visit your house yet? Sounds like they could use some pooper-scoopers. This is such a fun way to learn about another culture!
Enjoy and take lots of pictures.

  Marty Oct 2, 2009 9:58 AM


Your journey and variety of experiences read like a good book:-)

Continue to enjoy yourself.
I look forward to listening to more stories regarding adventures in Spain.I will attend your debriefing gathering (at your house)to share in your joy regarding additional things you couldn't, wouldn't or just did not get to put in the journal. Hm....Seriously, I miss you and look forward to seeing you soon.

  Melanie Oct 2, 2009 10:04 AM

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