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random early-morning thoughts

ECUADOR | Saturday, 22 Sep 2007 | Views [522]

As a female in Ecuador, one is subjected to the daily whistling and heckling of the men that have deemed this an appropriate form of flirting or getting one's attention. As a gringa in Ecuador, it is even worse. No less than twice a day, just in walking ... Read more >

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yes, I am STUDYing abroad

ECUADOR | Wednesday, 19 Sep 2007 | Views [540]

It seems that despite stories of me zooming around the country in bus, boating on active volcanoes, getting lost on 5 hour hikes, the topic many of you are asking the most about is "what about school?". I'm sure the padres will appreciate ... Read more >

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I exorcise the nastiness out of chicken hearts

ECUADOR | Wednesday, 12 Sep 2007 | Views [521]

So last night I sat down to dinner of some rice, potatoes and some sort of meat-looking pieces. I eagerly bit into a meat piece to find the consistency to be less than satisfying (consistency being EVERYTHING when I eat), nonetheless, I continued. ... Read more >

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A Mi Lindo Ecuador

ECUADOR | Sunday, 26 Aug 2007 | Views [524]

The subject is actually the title to the unofficial national anthem of Ecuador. Every morning, my host mom is singing it as she´s preparing breakfast with the idea that I will know all the words by the time I leave. As for now, I just end up ... Read more >

Tags: Living Abroad

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