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Day 1 through 7.....on the Eurodam

USA | Wednesday, 29 April 2009 | Views [681] | Comments [2]

What am I looking at?

What am I looking at?

Aboard the Eurodam:  Day 2 and some of 3

We actually woke up at a decent hour this morning…an announcement came over the loud speaker calling “Bright Star, Lido deck”.  Since that is the place we all gather to eat it could only mean trouble for some individual.  Did they choke or just a plain old ticker giving out?   Whatever caused it is allowing us to go to the Bermuda for a short stop.  We are currently pushing ahead at full speed to get our patient to a hospital.  Very sad.

Day 2: After dinner (I tried to be good: salmon and veggies…no starch) my stomach led me to the mmmmm…chocolate brulee!!  I swore no deserts but I have a feeling that this is going to be a huge challenge for me.  Bernie and Philip: be on stand by…I may need you to go and buy me some size 2XX clothing!  It won’t matter what it looks like cause I’ll be so fat no one will notice if I match or not (stretchy waist band please)!  Vinnie was very well behaved (if you don’t count the many beer he drank prior to dinner) no desert for him.  We then waddled (or at least I did) down 100 flight of stairs for the nightly performance.  Luckily the stewards were there to revive me with a glass of red wine.  We toddled down and tried out several seating locations before finding the perfect one.  The show was a musical of 60’s ��" today’s music.  Vinnie had a lady in front of him that leaned forward during the entire show…add to the fact she had “big hair”, which caused him to fuss and fidget (some complaining ensued).  I forbade him to speak to her…God only knows what would have happened!  After the show we climbed out of our seats and struggled to the stairs.  Luckily we saw the casino so decided to make a detour and ended up spending 40 dollars on slots.  No luck last night L.  We did manage to climb up 1000 flights to our room.  The night ended with us watching some more of our latest series ��" Stargate SG1! 




1) Vinnie is gazing out at the "blue water" imagining the Nina, Pinta and S. Maria.
2) What's with all the waddling and XXX clothing and nixing dessert? I thought you folks were lean and mean after SA. What happened on the homefront? You are just hypersensitive....
3) Full steam ahead....

  Stephen the Elder May 3, 2009 2:10 AM


"Did I eat at the Pizza Buffet twice yesterday?"

  Beth May 7, 2009 9:29 PM

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