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Mis movimientos andarines

About andanzascreativas

Im Floren, I am twenty years old and I am from Ushuaia, the city known as "the end of the world" because of being the southest city's world! I really feel myself as an habitant from the planet: An innate traveller.

I love the moving. Move. Move forward.

Exploring a piece of land at the end of the world !

I feel it on my bones and on the air that I spread out when I walk. I love walking and I always imagine us in the wild of the life, in our most pure existence. I love the searching of the truth everyday, in every action.

I write, I feel that I make myself writing, drawing, dialoguing with others and running. I love the light of the sunset (imagine you having the opportunity of watch every sunset of the entire world, entirely amazing!). 


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