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pillaging the village

last few days in london ... CONTIKI!!!

GERMANY | Monday, 7 January 2008 | Views [941]

its been forever since ive written

reallq hard to get net access ... and im not going to put up photos for a while because i cant put up photos using a net cafe!!!

at the moment im sitting in a net cafe to berlin ... just booked my tickets from paris to london whre im going to stay with aunty sue and uncle john for a few days in the cotswalds

im going to finish off what we did in london and then tell zou all about the contiki sorry if my typing gets a bit funny the keyboards in berlin are a bit diff

last few days of london ... we did a huge monopoly pub crawl .. me jess and luce ... we visited one pub from each colour and started at about 2pm and finished at 11 pm ... we wouldve styed out later but all the stupid pubs in central london close at 11pm because of ridiculouslz strict liquor liceness!!! ... how annoying for all pubs to have to shut at 11pm!!! this is onlz in central london thugh ...

we didnt finish all the monpoly board but got around to most way ... to leicester square is where we finished ... visited heaps of famous pubs where writers etc went and even some where shakespeare went!!

I DRANK BEER!!! well not really .... onlz sort of ... i have cider haha which <lookslike beer but is really apple tasting n a lot sweeter ... but i ordered it in pints!!!!!! and drank huge pints!!! WOOOOO hahaha ...

any ways leicester square is soo cool lit up and like times square in new york ... its no wayx as big but sort of the same

we spent friday packing n bumming around n watching movies n baking and then on sat morning i caught the plane to berlin at 9am to start the contiki ...

i loved london am dying to go back and live ... i think its more a city ud live rather than travel for touristy things ..

and now im on the contiki and man this is the best time in the worldc

its like schoolies but everyones older and its the best time in the world .. arrived in berlin and in our hotel at around 2ish ... the hotel is awesome its huge rooms and big bathrooms so nice to be livign in a room rather than out of a suitcase ...

im sharing aroom with goose lucy ... sat night we had dinner with the group and then a bunch of us sat around rdinking and talking in one of the rooms ... we were up until about 4am and me and luce got through a bottle of vodka between us ... WOOPS ahahaha .. the boys got through 4.5 bottles of vodka shite... and there was only 7 of them haha ... funnest night  evcer ..

sundaz morning we woke up and we took this random bus tour of berlin in th ee us ... the tour guide is reallz young n so is the bus driver and everyon was so hung over and they play the funniest music so its like a big party .. that avo we had free and we went trhough a museum in berlin ...

yest night we had a huge pub crawl .. oh and it snowed yest day in berlin!!!! <so prettz and so fcukin cold ... its abut minus 2 ... but the snow is aweeose ... have lots of coo.l pics

anyway did the pub crawl

had dinner organised by the contiki in this german restaurant ... i love cabbage ... potatos not so much .. and then we had this pub crawl

we started in one of those turkish bars with those shiesha pips ... i think i spelt shiesha wrong ... but they are thse huge aladin looking glass pretty bottles where u smoke from big pipes and its apple flavoured n strawberry flavour n tastes like lolly ops ... they have them in lygon street in melb n also alumbra .. shots were 2 euro and we got free shots of schnapps with every drink we had

then we drank some apple schnapps in the street ... drinking in the street is really popula in berlin .. then we went to antoher bar i forgot that one but it was like a house-eletro kinda scene reallz cool as well all this antique forniture

then we went to this old comunist bar n then some club .. i think we staggereed into home aroun4 am n didnt sleep for ages still ..

its the funnest time in the world ... the ppl r awseome its amayinfg fun ... im on like 6 hours sleep over 3 days n feel a bit shit right now haha but so excited because we r going to a beer hall toinght

woooooo i hope they have cider

this is the <bESTTTT TIME IN THE WORLD .. heading over to prague tomorrow morning ...


oh and theres some really cute boys on this trip ;)

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