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day 10

FRANCE | Thursday, 6 Dec 2007 | By anabobana | Views [434] | Comments [2]

I LOVE AUSTRALIA!! If anything his trip has made me appreciate my country more ... Let me explain – ive just run away from the dinner table up to nicis room (escaping from dinner) Nici didn’t come to dinner today and I sat ... Read more >

Tags: Snow

Day... Seven? FIRE (not)

FRANCE | Sunday, 2 Dec 2007 | By nicolasophie | Views [1248] | Comments [2]

Today is a relaxing day. It's raining outside, and i'm talking to australian people on msn. Yey. The girls who went out last time had a terrible night. Um... chocolate is good. OMG update! i was chatting to everyone a few minutes ago - an had ... Read more >

Tags: Scams & Robberies