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pillaging the village

day 9

FRANCE | Wednesday, 5 December 2007 | Views [319]

shoesss make me happy :)

shoesss make me happy :)

weeeeee started the morning with some crappy lecture - a really nice passionate old man was talking about litterature -- wasn't very interesting ... so i spent my morning instead writing creative descriptions on my laptop ...

here are some offff my notes i took trying to write descriptive comparison between australia and france (AND DONT LAUGH hahaha ...i wrote some stuff as well but im not showing u that becauseeeee becuasee..)

"Being yet a nascent culture, bare of the centuries of royal history which characterizes so many European countries, nor the culture or the people were imbued with innate attitudes of propriety. Instead, its attractiveness lay in its casualness and the genuine and unadorned interactions between its inhabitants. There is no obsession with formality, or grandiose diplomacy that underlines their interactions as is the case in grand cities such as Paris.


o       sense of grandiose and form

o       formality that charactises all their actions

o       diplomacy – tactfulness

o       for example, bourgeois couldn’t go out into the street without a hat otherwise not a bourgeois"

very productive morning ,.... i like writing ...i  think i want to be a writer when im older ... much olde r... like in my 50s ... writing and reading are my favourite things :) ...

mummm called in the morning and i got to talk to her --- which was nice :) ...

then we went wandering around paris ...


the whole point of this afteoon was shopping YAYAYAYAYA :D

we learnt about how in the 19th century, women were lurred into consumerism ...before the 19th century there really weren't shops etc and then napoleon the 3rd (i tihnk ...) built all these indoors shopping alley ways and restaurants etc ...

we went to the palais royal - this was a big palace thing where the royal family's cousins etc used to live .... (the Bourbon family - this was the royal family in france) ... saw some lovely alleys --- shame we didnt get to look into them :( ... they have all famous boutiques there like chanel etc ...

then we wandered around paris and saw some other shopping alley s- i have no idea where we were .. sort of a boring afternoon because we didnt actually get to shoppppp GRRR

thennnnnn MY FAVOURITE PART :)

we went to galleries lafayette!!! WOOOOOOOO its liek a david jones but more up market and has the BEST brands - chloe bags, prada, gucci, versace ... I DIED :D this was my heaven ... they even had champagne bar IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CENTRE!!! for all the people that wanted to take a break from shoppping ... i changed my mind about paris ... I WANT TO LIVE HERE IF I CAN SPEND MY WHOLE LIFE IN THE GALLERIES LAFAYETTE

i saw a really cute red coat --- picture is posted .. plssssssss tell me if u think this one is nicer than the green one ?? its really tight and cute on

now we have another lecture :'(

we have absolutely no free  time until monday ....


going to by my coat tomorrow night i thnk :D

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