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First day of classes

INDIA | Tuesday, 21 August 2007 | Views [531] | Comments [3]

Writing postcards in the park.

Writing postcards in the park.

So this morning i accompanied Gigi and Stacy to their first class--Indian Religions, which although I'm completely interested in I cannot take or even audit because I am already taking 5 courses for credit and Auditing Hindi! So anyway I will continue to attend class until Dance begins in a few weeks (it's taking some time for them to organize it all). Our driver took us to Augusta's (our professor) home for the religion and culture courses for the next few weeks because she slipped in July and broke her arm and hip. She is a very pleasant lady and incredibly intelligent. She runs the course through simple but profound discussion. Today we discussed the background and context for the stress and disagreements between Hindus and Muslims in India (esp. northern states). I'm looking forward to visiting a Hindu temple with them in the next few weeks and learning more about the customs and daily rituals of the diverse Indian peoples. Today for example, we learned about the way Hindus conduct their morning routines--first they pray to their deities either in or out of the home and then they use the bathroom and bathe and only then can proceed with their daily routines. They are concerned with contaminating their souls with the daily filth so they first attend to the cleanliness of their souls, then their physical cleanliness and then move on with the dirty and monotonous human routines. Anyway, i'm looking forward to all of the new things i will be learning. I'm excited to study in Augusta's home where she has two dogs--Heidi, a golden retriever and Nino a dachshund!! i'm getting my doggie fix and am very happy about it, b/c through most of class today nino sat on my lap as I took notes and petted her. Class is like a long and interesting discussion with a very lovely woman I would enjoy to spend time with anyway--much less get academic credit for!!! She promises us she will teach how to cook north Indian foods once she heals more completely, so needless to say Augusta and I will be spending lots of time in enriching ways.  All is well on this side of the dateline! XOXOX

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A- Thanks for the update and my lesson of the day. I'm off to go cleanse myself!
xoxo Reva

  Reva Litton Aug 21, 2007 11:53 PM


From the Windy City! I am excited to hear you so enthused and connected. Zoe will be glad to know oyu have a golden on that side of the Ocean!! Sounds as if you are getting what you wanted-- understanding of a different culture. I cannot wait to take a North Indian cooking class from you once you return to the west. Thanks for the details.

much love,


  DAD & Kirstin Aug 22, 2007 1:53 PM


Hey Alex,

It sounds like you are having a great first few weeks in India. I am really excited to hear more about your adventures and classes and all the cool things you are seeing and learning about! If you learn some cool Indian recipes be sure to send them back to the states. :)
Your Dad said you had gotten sick the other day, so I hope you are feeling much better (it stinks being away from home and sick without a parent to take care of you.)
Anyway, continue to just soak up each moment and revel in the experience. Lots of love.

  Liza Aug 28, 2007 11:21 AM

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