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SPAIN | Friday, 18 May 2007 | Views [576]

I have been on a cleaning jag which helps calm me and in our apt there is always cleaning to do. Many times the boys do not remember to clean up after themselves so they have kindly provided me good projects in the kitchen. I have always been calmed by cleaning and organizing as it offers instant gratification and results, something you can control. So I got the cleaning out of my system as it got pretty old cleaning up after others. Our apt is prety small, in my bedroom I can touch both the walls with my arms not even straining, one hand can be flat against the one wall funny huh. My bedroom at home is going to feel huge as well as my queen sized bed after my dinky single bed here! The other thing I realized about myself is it also makes me happy to color my hair, so today I colored my hair, I really like the result. My hair had gotten really light from all the sun and now it is more of a darker reddish color which brightens up my skin tone compared to the blondish colors. Luca is going to cut my hair tonight as I was gone all day on Sunday which is when we had originally planned on the haircut. It will be such a treat to get my haircut. Last night An asked Luca ¨When are you going to cut Marci´s hair as I want to see what her hair looks like before I let you cut mine¨, I replied ¨Oh great I am a guinea pig? ¨Luca I really hope you are the worlds best hairdresser.¨ He just laughed at us in response, so we will see what the results are. I just like someone doing my hair for me it feels so nice.

I had a really enjoyable evening last night An has yet another visitor here, her sister Wenda, yes I am a bit jealous, but anyway we went to the Montjuik fountain where there is a water show on the weekends. It was a gorgeous evening probably around 80 degrees still at 9 at night when we walked the few miles over there. At the fountain there were tons of people, we sat and watched the 15 min show, it was so beautiful and amazing probably one of the most beautiful things I have seen on my trip. I have discovered I am partial to fountains, Rome has lots of amazing fountains too. The water show consisted of different colored lights that changed colors at the base of the water and classical music was playing as the water changed its design constantly. I was mesmerized, it actually reminded me of fireworks, as the water shot up in the air with the different colors shining through the mist. The base of the water fountain had mists billowing around like dry ice mists, and the color coming through was just breathtaking. People were oohing and aahing as the water changed patterns and designs to the music. It reminded me of the water show in Las Vegas at the Bellagio hotel but on a much bigger, more beautiful scale. I am going to return and see the show again while I am here, and the even more amazing thing is that it is free. The pictures don´t do it justice which is common with many sights I have seen during my travels.

Our other roommate Bart had a visitor last weekend and because they were partying in the living room none of us got much sleep, I won´t even go into details, the walls are very thin, and lets just say there are some things you don´t want to hear your roommates or their friends doing..

Thank you for the feedback I have gotten about my school decision, nothing new has developed in that area.

The other day I made a pasta dish and shared it with An and her sister, that might not seem like a big deal but it is. Ok this is a little embarrasing but I don´t really cook for others as I have never been confident in my cooking abilities, but as I have been travelling you have to cook to save money and it is fun to do with others in the hostels. So I am learning to cook and it is actually very rewarding. I had sauteed garlic and onions for the pasta sauce and also chopped up red peppers for it as well. The sauce was tasty and I think it turned out well which made me proud. Who knows I might turn out a Martha Stuart yet, not likely but who knows?

I feel a lot more calm about everything and just so happy that I have had all this time to travel around Europe. The adventures I have had and people I have met has forever changed me. No more stressing for me I am going to enjoy the sun, palm trees, freedom, and people of Barcelona before I come back home. I will be bringing home my new outlook which has been the best outcome of my whole journey. I catch myself sometimes falling into worrying, like about my school but it doesn´t really accomplish anything except to provide a clean house for my roommates, so I am done with that. Now it is all about being content and adventurous again. I hope to get to Amsterdam and Dublin, Ireland before I come home.

Thank you for your warm wishes and hope this finds everyone well! XOXO Marci   

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