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4th September. Day 3

MALAYSIA | Friday, 4 September 2015 | Views [345]

Trekking was the order of the day, Joyce told me about her amazing trek she did yesterday and so I was itching to get out in the fresh air, away from buildings, bikes and noise. I woke up at 9am had an Indian breakfast of strawberry pancake and a mango lassi then headed off. The night before I decided I wanted to do the two small treks (4 & 2) to break myself in gently (Famous last words!). The first trek was to a nearby waterfall which I thought would be amazing to get a photo as it had rained very heavily last night. However I got to the waterfall and Alaska couldn't see it due to the growth of the trees, such a shame as I could hear it, the water pounding against the rocks. Ah well! I thought, just keep going! The path was super easy to follow (most of it was bricked) and after 40 mins Id finished it. Slightly disappointed I made my way over to the start of track 2 just a 10 min walk away. I stopped to take a photo of the golf course for my Uncle John, watched a woman whack a ball 40 meters and set off again.

If I had been disappointed with track 4 all I can say is track 2 made up for it. It began in some shrubbery up a gentle slope which had great views over Tanah Rata, I was greeted by a family of locals who welcomed me to their home country and after a chat we set off in opposite directions. The walk was tough and I was gasping for air when Id got about a third of the way. The track was well sighposted yet I managed to get lost (typical) and found myself on track 3 going in the opposite direction I wanted to be (sigh) so a round about turn and I managed to find myself again 😄

During my little misadventure I encountered a small snake no longer than my forearm but I squealed like a little girl and scared it off. Afterward I triple checked where I put a hand or foot! Poor thing must have been more scared of me yelling at it than I was of it. 

The walk seemed to go on and on and on, once or twice I asked myself what the hell was I doing but I pushed on and finally got lost (again) although this time it wasn't my fault. Some trees had fallen on the pathway and so after a scramble around and giving my feet a good accidental soaking in the river I found it again (Going back was NOT a option). I plodded along wondering how much longer when through the buzzing of insects I heard voices! Yay I'd made it! 

Starving, muddy and exhausted I emerged from the jungle probably looking something like Mowgli but pleased with myself. I limped to the nearest restaurant and devoured what was placed in front of me.

Tags: getting lost, snakes, tanah rata, trekking

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