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Rio,it's been great but farewell for now!

BRAZIL | Tuesday, 26 March 2013 | Views [674]

My final day in Rio and I'm sad to be leaving but what an insightful six day's it's been.So my first experience of Rio, in keeping with tradition I headed straight to the beach, fortunately for me it's been less than a five minute walk away.The beaches are great, clean white sands and blue waters situated inbetween mountains (oh and high rise buildings) with Christ The Redeemer looking down onto the city, the postcard image of Rio surely.However,to come to the city is to step outside of the picture postcard image and experience something the picture can't convey...the people.Lying on the beach is fascinating here,the Carioca's take beach life seriously which is evident through their stunning sun kissed tans and their love for the beach.People watching has been an experience in itself, watching pretty much everything imagineable being sold on the beach from drinks in tin drums carried on both shoulders of the vendors, ice crashing around inside of it as they walk past you (sometimes kicking sand in your eyes!)food being sold from boxes and ice coolers (also prawns on a plate in the blistering heat, probably screaming food poisoning!)coconuts and finally bikini tops tied to parasols,swinging side to side as they're carried along.I couldn't help thinking, well if I'm lying here in a bikini in this heat feeling hot,how must they be feeling fully clothed and carrying heavy items..I was in awe.I hold my hands up to them.Watching a game of footvolley being played is something else, the skill is amazing and provides a fair bit of entertainment when doing a spot of sunbathing.Kite surfing is another which appears to be popular and is fun to watch.

Of course Rio wouldn't be complete without it's famous landmarks such as Christ The Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain.A trip to them is a must-unluckily for me my trip to them occured on a day when the clouds decided to misbehave,sadly covering much of the statue, all of the views and creating a game of hide and seek to try and get atleast one semi decent picture!Athough this was a bit disappointing,all was not lost,the views from Sugarloaf were equally as good and our time up there was spent in a cloud like haze to the point where it felt a bit eery.Watching dark clouds descend onto Rio created a good photo opportunity as dusk fell on the city.

A night out with Carioca's and a Lenny Kravitz lookalike,met some great people,saw pizza devoured at lightning speed,caiprinha's made by the bucket load,a workman stepping out of a building site- hammer in hand with flip flops on, a girl sitting on her bike on a busy zebra crossing-casually chatting to her friend who was standing on the pavement at the crossing, buses with turn stiles on them and rain in Rio! I can now say I've seen it all!

Rio,it's been fun, I'll be back but next stop.Buzios!



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