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Diary of a traveling Student Nurse I am going for 2 months to Nepal to volunteer as a Student Nurse!! :)

At the delivery room!!

CANADA | Wednesday, 9 Dec 2015 | Views [242]

This week I started to go to the Gyneco/obstetrics department. As in other parts of the hospital I am amaze by the quality of the people who work at the hospital. Everyone is so caring, and they treat each other with respect and care that you give to ... Read more >

What Makes Nepal a Joyful Place

CANADA | Wednesday, 9 Dec 2015 | Views [269]

For the past two keeps I have rotated through the GICU (General Intensive Care Unit) and the haemodialysis unit. At the ICU I help with vital signs and other small things when the nurses are busy. Once again we have a lot of End Stage Cirrhosis of the ... Read more >


CANADA | Friday, 20 Nov 2015 | Views [258]

This week I spent most of my time at the ICU. The Doctors and the Nurses are great. Although they are allocated to different patients they seem to work together at all times and they help each other. I find this very good when someone has doubts or when ... Read more >

Car Accidents and Hospital Transports

CANADA | Saturday, 14 Nov 2015 | Views [209] | Comments [1]

I have been living in a Nepali house for the last week. Everyone is really nice in the family. Mom is the head of the Nursing faculty, and the eldest daughter is a Nurse as well. The other daughter Krity is super nice. She is here in the house for Vacations ... Read more >

The Hospital

CANADA | Saturday, 7 Nov 2015 | Views [276] | Comments [2]

I left Kathmandu two days ago and came to the city of Chitwan were I will be working at the teaching hospital for the next 2 months. I came with the other 2 French nurses. We slept lots in our 5 hours drive, and we eat somosas at the bus stop. Turns ... Read more >

Learning the Culture and the Monkey Temple

CANADA | Tuesday, 3 Nov 2015 | Views [183]

Yesterday , Sunday, all the other volunteers arrived. We have people from Scotland, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, and France. Three of us will be doing the medical program in the city of Chitwan: Me and two other French Nurses. We are all going to be ... Read more >

Kathmandu Dubar Square

CANADA | Sunday, 1 Nov 2015 | Views [259]

Today was really slow passed. I sleep in because I was not feeling very well.I need to be at my 100% for when I start at my work as a Nurse, and sleeping helps the recovery. I woke up to have Nepali style banana pancake for breakfast. The other volunteers ... Read more >

Nepal & its gas crisis

CANADA | Saturday, 31 Oct 2015 | Views [281]

Fist day in Nepal, I planned to stay at the hotel and rest. But I met the other volunteers and I joined their travel plans. So far we are only four volunteers at the hotel. we are two friends from France, another Canadian -Irish girl and me. The other ... Read more >

Photos: pics

NEPAL | Friday, 30 Oct 2015 | Photo Gallery

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Pit stop in Hong Kong!

CANADA | Friday, 30 Oct 2015 | Views [435] | Comments [3]

When I was in the plane, I kept thinking about all the stuff I wanted to write about Hong Kong. I had a mental image of a city full of skyscrapers, lights, biggest population on earth . Hong Kong  was all of that and more. It is the kind of metropolis ... Read more >

Almost ready for my Trip!!

CANADA | Wednesday, 21 Oct 2015 | Views [371] | Comments [1]

Well, the day of my trip to Nepal is getting closer. It seems it has been a long time since I told people that I was going to volunteer as a Student Nurse to Nepal. My parents had no idea where Nepal was and I had to explain that I was a country close ... Read more >

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