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Just another bloke who loves life. I quit at my job because I got depressed with it. Have finished audio engineering study, and worked as a sound engineer, but at one point I have realized that there is a lot more of a traveller in me than an audio engineer. I can give more as a traveler to another human being, then I was able to give while I was unhappy with my previous work. Next project will take place at 79 degrees north - walking Svalbard in early springtime 2011 or 2012, with sleds and two dogs. I look for a companion for that project.

I am in love with northern parts of our planet. It's beauty is so deep and quiet I will always come back to it. Traveling the world enriches the soul and soothes the mind. When people don't meet, stereotype attidudes exist, which are not confirmed by anything. They merely exist. I know that well, coming from a country that has seen a lot of hatred and war. I use all of my knowledge and abilites in order to travel as much as I would love to.

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