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My Photo scholarship 2010 entry

Worldwide | Saturday, 9 October 2010 | flickr photos

During my cycling journey across Norway, cities were much needed pauses between the vast natural expanses, so I moved from place to place rather than from south to the north of the country. When not sleeping in a tent, I stayed with families at their homes. I was invited many times to stay overnight in a house. Still, in spite of rain, fog and all-round terrible weather outside, I was happy in my tent. I was thinking on the commodities of my home, of a heated room, slippers and a hot shower, but I felt and knew that this adventure was the real thing, life at its fullest. I wanted to be right here, where I was. I appreciate urban life and this adventurous spirit is the other side of my character and personality. I want to go deeper into my new found passion, climb the level where I would be able to create great documentary images in a creative way, on my travels. I want to learn and get really good with immediately seeing the right angle for a good photo, to sharpen my artistic abilities. I can do that with a lot of work and study. I quit at my job as a sound engineer (I worked with Croatian well known names in pop music), took all my money, borrowed some more, got Sony R1 camera and ventured to Norway on a bike. This is the best decision I made in my entire life. All my life I had feared missing the true adventure. Now I eat, sleep and walk adventure. I met so many great people, experienced so much help and kindness. And I look forward to a new project in the Arctic. It will grow into a serious obsession. These photos are taken in Bergen, Trondheim and Oslo. These are not perfect since I am beginner to the art of photography. I saw the great outdoors, but we need each other to make a meaningful story out of any adventure in life. There is no story without people anyway :)

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