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Albania and the wind of change

My Scholarship entry - Albania and the wind of change

Albania | Sunday, 13 January 2013 | 5 photos

After graduating in International Relations I realized that I hadn't seen anything from the world. Traveling has been my lifestyle since then. Backpacking, volunteering, having odd jobs to earn money. I have taken risks, been in challenging situations, slept anywhere possible, I enjoyed it, have survived and wouldn't do it different. My memories and experience are priceless and freedom is one of my key element. Photography found me two years ago as I was looking for a way to express my thoughts and to give a meaningful purpose to my travels. This is where everything I love comes together. My passion for creating, to learn something new everyday, my curiosity, my urge to discover and document the world the way I see it and to show it to others. My goal is to use photography to raise awareness about important issues around the globe in order to be able to make a positive change and to raise funds for good cause. My motivation to get better is endless because I know if I want to help first I need to be good at what I do. Humility towards my work is very important. If I get this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I will do my best to be the assistance you need on the assignment.

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