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Zohra Allana

My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Worldwide | Tuesday, 8 November 2011 | 5 photos

Makran Coastal highway is a beautiful (approx 7 hours) drive from Karachi to Gawader. Both cities are in different provinces of Pakistan. On its way we cross Hub, Ormara, Pasni etc. On a long weekend, the drive through this place is an escape vacation for the people of Karachi, the busiest city of Pakistan. But not even many people in Pakistan know about this place. The mountains' texture, colours and appearance changes approximately after every 10-15 minutes. You also see culturally dressed up women and fishermen on the sea side on the way. Its a surprising drive with a different range of views. You can see Mountains, sea side, fishermen, a mini desert like area and also natural mud formations; which are said to be naturally wind carved statues. You can see a whole formed wind carved castle and sphinx too along with many other mud formations. This least explored 7 hour drive from one province of Pakistan to another city in another province of Pakistan is full of surprising sights and jewels. It astonishes foreign and locals equally.
I am a Documentary film Producer / director for my day job. But if given a chance I will travel like a gypsy forever without any strings anywhere. In my day job, I instruct people what shot to take but my skills with photography are barely any. Anyone can own a DSLR camera today but not everyone can do justice with it. Photography is the mastery of composition, timings and art. I need to get mentored for the still photography techniques because than will be able to take photos of the unexplored areas of the world for other people to see. I I love travelling and I would love to capture the images which will capture the beauty of the world forever. For we will pass away from this world one day, but images live forever!

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