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AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 10 October 2017 | Views [363]

"You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the world will be as one"

I was I dreamer as long as I remember. This type of thinking helped me to always seek my goals. That's why I now live in Australia, working part time and enjoying sun almost EVERY DAY. 

How everything started

Everything started more than 3 years ago  when I was an office worker in a very cold country. Every time I was going to work I asked my self this simple one word question - "why" ? I was very young and felt that my dreams are just going past me. I wanted something more, something more meaningful, I wanted more. I started to think that maybe I would like to start studying something again. But overseas. I then chose the most fawaway country as possible. I chose AUSTRALIA. Australia has very good quality of teaching, it is easy to get student visa and Australia is full of nature, nice people, animals and the climate it is just awesome. I soon quit my office job, found a nice school in Australia and bought my tickets. 


Australia. First steps

I wasnt alone. My beloved girlfriend came together with me on the same Student Visa as my Defacto partner. Yes it is possible to come together with your second half! We landed in Sydney on the August 22, 2014. Everything was just wow. People, trees, cars, roads, buildings, restaurants, everything. All our lifes we lived in mono cultured country were all the people looked the same. Now in Sydney it is completely different story. Everyone is different, by race, colour, haircut, habbits.. And most importantly no body cares how do you look... you can be gay, you can be fat, you can be a clown and nobody will say anything to you. Everybody is respectful. That was the most shocking fact for me. In a nice way of course. Everything looked so different from what I was used to. Eveybody here were so nice, asking how are you, smiling and helping if you looked confused.


I wasn't hard to find jobs here. My girlfriend found her fisrt job after 3-4 days after we landed. I looked for job for abour 2-3 weeks. However, it wasn't easy to work. From nice office chair I went down as a factory worker. I was putting labels on yoghurt bottles and making icecreams 12 hours per day. I didn't stay long there. Later I found better job as a sales assistant and I also worked from home as a social media administrator. These jobs were enough for me to support my self, save money for traveling and pay for studies. It is easy to earn money in Australia! Australians pay weekly not monthly like in European countries. It's actually better. You can easily get 500- 800 AUD per week. Right now after three years in Australia Improved my self and now I work as an Education Agent in Australia Studycare agency. I am helping people from overseas to come to Australia to study. So if you need any help or information about student visa or schools - drop me a line! I can definately help you as an official agent. 


My studies were really interesting and enjoyable. I really liked how Australian people can teach you the main things and not the random information that you will not use in the future. I enjoyed going to evenind classes after work. You can easily save money for studies while working, since you need to pay for it every three months. 1 Term (three months of studies) in a college costs you about 1200- 1700 AUD. Which is not a lot if you have a job. Australian universities are really expensive so it is better to start from a college. The quality is really good and you can find different courses around Sydney, Melbourn or other cities. The most popular ones are Accaunting, Marketing, Digital Media, IT, Travel and Tourism, English language, Cookery course and similar. You can contact me if you need more information about schools



The nature is a again so different from Europe. It is something that I see on discovery channel. Trees, grass, water - everything is different. Even the sky is different. Sun goes up from different side and goes down to the east not to the west as in Europe. Just because Australia is "down under", in the south pole of the Earth. That's why wee see different start at nigh as well. Beaches are awesome. Full of beaitful people, travelers and surfers. You can go to the beach in the midle of the week and you will still fell like it's holiday. Everybody lives in summer mode. Which is really cool, because you stress less when everybody around you are relaxed. It was very different from my own countrie where people are usually stressed and cold. You can easily travel around most beautiful places around Sydney by using a simple public bus or train. It is very easy to travel here in Sydney. All you need to have is an Opal card. You cna get it in any convinience store. One trip to the beach from the city will cost you around 4-5 AUD. Which is quite expensive. The most popular beaches close to Sydney are Bondi beach, Coogeee beach, Manly, Maroubra. I will definatelly advice to try to go for a walk on Bondi to Coogee track. It is very nice place if you are new in Sydney and just came to Australia. Manly beach is on the north side of Sydney but a very nice one. You cna reach it by ferry from the city. It is worth traveling there. If you are using ferry it is better to do it on Sunday, because it will cost you just 2.50 AUD. Actually every trip on Sunday will cost you just 2.50 AUD. So Sunday is a perfect day for traveling.


I will post another blog in the future if there will be interested people. I can tell you more about Sydney or places what to see, what to visit. You can also contact me personally if you need information about studies. Cheers

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