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Panji Yudistira Journeys Language and learning media information for everyone regarding the scope of geography as well as many examples of phenomena that occur in the Earth's geosphere, through the art form yan photo and describe the image.

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Courage and dexterity yeah it is a little word that can describe the strength of

Courage and dexterity yeah it is a little word that can describe the strength of

My name is Panji Yudhisthira, my age now is 21 years old, I was a student majoring in geography education, university education Indonesia. besides college I was also involved in several organizations such as the Boy Scouts starting from grade 5 until I officially became a trainer ii scout SMPN 1 Banjaran.
not only in scouting activities, I am active in the association of nature lovers Jantera Indonesia majoring in education, is also active as an executive agency of geography students, and served as chair of the arts in the division interests and talents, and work As with assistant lecturer in environmental ecology and remote sensing.
I had some good times following events ranging from international events to the district level.

1. 1 champions in 2007 Scout Rally in West Java province
2. 1 champions in 2007 Scout Rally at national level, Indonesia
3. in 2008 following the activities Raimuna regional level in July
4. Competition committee chairman V 2013 LOSTA more themed Culture, Adventure and Nature.

for me to write is an obligation, because writing is something that is very interesting, because of my writing better know and understand the importance of sharing knowledge and the importance of a history. and I thought to share knowledge not only through verbal, but also many ways that we can make a medium to share knowledge. and one of them is through media images and writings.
for me as a student of geography education in order to better understand the science of it I should be able to write back where one of them began to analyze based on geographical standpoint of all the places I visit through media images. plus with my hobby from childhood that is adventurous and wander and experience - my experience during the activities in the organization. making my character in the adventure getting formed, visited various places in my own country that I still visit because I believe there are many phenomena and exotic things that I have not visited because of the vast country in saya.rasanya very regrettable if I did not document the and pour it into a post, in addition to the documentation are also helpful in the media make learning geography itself.
That's my basic idea why I was drawn into the world of journalism and Photogpraphy and always trying to learn more deeply. because I believe a lot of knowledge and experience that will be that not everyone can feel.
one that has always been my belief studying geography, we understand that the nature of our own we will find many a lesson in how the importance of protecting nature, because human beings can never be separated from nature (natural human influence) so there will be a sense of love for our natural . and through alampun I believe that we will understand the existence of god.
then the next time I can get away to go to Oman Travel Photography Scholarship in 2013, I will mean - really to study and learn all the aspects are intimately associated with a phenomenon ka - Geosphere phenomena and science - the science about the world of journalism.
and can be made as a reference in increasing public understanding of the phenomenon of the geosphere both social and physical, in order to increase the knowledge of Indonesian citizens still lack the sense of love in the care and understanding of all aspects of the environment through media images and written descriptions of images.

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About yudistiratraveler

Courage and dexterity yeah it is a little word that can describe the strength of

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