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2013 Adventure Life is a book, and those that do not travel read only one page. So lets pack up an go shall we?

About wynpayet

A Leap of Faith. Thats what I wanted. That unsteady feeling in my chest that seems to suggest that my whole life my just fall apart based upon the decision I make next.

I had made safe, secure and predictable decisions in life. I wanted to get out and see the world, so I applied myself in school and the university. Chose a Bachelor of Engineering to be my pathway. It was hard, at many points I questioned if it was what I really wanted. In those times I would always find an element in my studies that caught my interest and kept me going. I got sponsored by the Australian Defence Force and when I graduated joined as a Weapons Electrical Engineering Officer. I was trained as a manager and a leader and at every point I thought this was not for me I found something that caught my interest and kept me going. 

Life became predictable. My peers and mentors held predictability as something of value. Something which I could not do. The path I saw in front of me was bland and uninteresting. I had achieved the goals I had set out to and all the wonderful opportunities available to me gave me no zest for life. I had learnt a lot about this type of life and this kind of world. But my next road lay somewhere else.y

Travel! Different Cultures, different ideas, a myriad of lessons all awaiting. So I settled my affairs and decided to check out the path. And it was immensly rewarding. I learnt about a slower pace of life, and could see the possibility of a different rhythm to life.

My six month plan brought me back to Australia. As the familiar bland taste of life resumed I realised I don't want more plans. I want life in its unpredictability. I want flexibility. I want a smile on my face and a fast beating heart. So here it goes. My leap of faith.

Thanks to everyone for all there support for this road less travelled. I hope what difference it does make can stretch back to you and be of benefit to you.

I'm Sel and I believe in the path.


Sydney, 29 July 2013




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