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Shot by Carl Pendle - www.carlpendle.com

Shot by Carl Pendle - www.carlpendle.com

I'm one of those Aussies with a European passport, so take that! *cue jealousy*

But really - I am blessed to have grown up travelling to London every other year to visit my mum's side of the family, stopping at a new, exotic location either on the way there or on the way back each time.

At this stage it's not feasible for me to travel 365 days of the year, so until that day comes I'll continue my life in Melbourne as a writer. I'm a regular contributor to publications such as The Age's Epicure and The New Daily, and I also have a copywriting business (https://www.wordsalad.com.au). My clients are mostly in the hospitality industry - food is my thing. I try to blog about my experiences as often as I can and I'm flattered that I have a loyal following of people who actually care about what meal I post on Instagram (https://www.poppetswindow.com).

I reckon I live in the best city in the world... but there's no harm in going overseas as often as possible just to make sure, right?