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My mother used to say I was born under a wandering star. Certainly, my parents wasted no time when it came to hitting the road after I was born. I wasn't even a year old when we flew from England (where I was born) to Australia (where I spent the first part of my childhood). On a trip back to Europe when I was five, I vividly remember the crazy antics of those aboard the ocean liner we travelled on when we crossed the equator. Mad celebrations erupted all over the ship. Raw eggs were smashed over people's heads before being washed away by champagne geysers while the 'victims' shrieked and laughed. Wild costumes, music and dancing blur with a vague memory of someone dressed as King Neptune waving a sceptre around. I had never seen so many adults behave like lunatics and it made an impression that sticks with me so many years later. 

We didn't stay in Australia. When I was 7, we moved to Banff in the Rocky Mountains and from there to Calgary, then the far north in Fort McMurray and eventually to Salt Spring Island on the West Coast. Even though we moved a lot (there were also stints in Fort Lauderdale, Vancouver, and Ontario), whenever we could we travelled. I continued the tradition when I left home and have travelled in Japan, the Caribbean (I love to sail), Iceland (where I was production manager for a TV documentary about Icelandic horses), and many countries in Europe. I love to climb and have been blessed with opportunities to climb in Texas, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and western Canada. Ice climbing is a recent addition to the outdoor activities I have tried, a sport that scares me witless but which has taken me to some of the most stunning locations on the planet. 

Whether kayaking, camping, hiking, sailing, climbing or just wandering, I am always surprised and delighted by the people, places, foods, and experiences I stumble across while travelling. This year I'm hoping to do some sailing in the Mediterranean and explore the area from the water. There are many great cliffs to climb that are accessible by sea! 

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