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Philippines | Sunday, 7 July 2013 | 5 photos

I had a recent epiphany that rather than expanding myself vertically, I would rather have an expansion horizontally. I plan to enlarge my frame of reference by seeing the whole world as I believe that going places is a learning experience. I discovered from recent trips and through internet that there is so much beauty in the world, and it would be such a waste not to relish it.

The physical aspect of out world is dynamic enhancing its mystical appeal. I strongly believe that photography or cinematography should be utilized to document that beauty of our world that is ever changing.

I am a trooper of the world with love for both exploration and visual creation as a result of my job as a production designer. I see myself taking photos, documenting and travelling to both highs and lows, beauty and grit, nature-gifted and man-constructed places.

I have an attitude similar to that of the wind, which cannot be contained in one place only, there is always a need to traverse but means are scarce. I plan to capture what can be seen by my two eyes and share it to millions of eyes who had similar limitations of travel through my photography, I am eager to enhance given the opportunity.

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