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CAMBODIA | Friday, 30 November 2007 | Views [656] | Comments [1]


We walked across the bridge from Malaysia to be embraced in a big bear hug by the communual chaos of Thailand.  It would have been easy to walk past the slightly gentrified huts that pass for immigration here.  The Thais actually gave us the most grilling so far as to what we were doing and even had the hi-tech photo database running.

As we sauntered away under the weight of our bags and the sun we were acousted by a cyclo driver offering his services to the train station.  The following situation was pure comdey and if it does not sound thus then the fault lies entirely in me.  The Cyclo was of the most rickerty and decrepid make.  It was probably next off the production line after the Penny farthings.  The bike part was to one side and the platform sprouted off perpendicular to it.  My back was deposited onto the back where upon the whole cyclo reared backwards in distress.  To counter the bikes distress we hoisted ourselves up onto the platform in a precarious repose.  Looking like those circus clowns forced to ride on bikes of tiny proportion.  On this carriage of comedy we set off to the station.  Our combined weight made every revolution of the pedals a triumph of the mans will.  Luckily the gradient coursed down untill an inconcieved pot hole juggled off the bike lamp.  The taxi behind came to a holt a-top this errant lamp and much discussion was expended in regaining the situation.  Then we set of again with the gradient gradually climbing you felt the limiting conditions must suplant the mans will in the making of our way.  Then a Moto driver took pity and with a kindly outstretched leg boosted our progress.  Cutting across a stream of traffic to arrive with a great sigh at the train station, greatfully filling his hands with the last ofour Ringgits for a job well done.

Thailand seems straight away to be a norebusy and unruly place.  Its strange to see women with out headscarves in the majority.  Security is very much evident.  Indolent soldiers were wandering the platforms lazily fingering the M16s.  The train had many armed guards.  Every road crossing and station had razor wire around it.  The level crossings also gave a glimpse of a large army presence, indicated by trucks full of troops.  Bridges had idle guards languising in their hammocks.  The governemnt have definatly taken to the sledge hammer to crack a nut theory in dealing with the Muslim seperatists here.

Decided to go out to the island of Kho Tao in the gulf of Thailand for a few days.  An island famous for diving.  Stepping off the ferry we breached the obligatory cordon of moto taxis when a Thai women approached us denurely showing pictures of her resort.  The best sales people sell products that speak for themselves and this was such a time.  We set of on the back of a pick-up, with the road gradually getting worse until a steep track taking on the appearence of competing rivulets was to be our road.  The resort -when we got there- was an amalgimation of picture post card views of a rich blue sea lapping onto a beach of thoughtless charm.  A place where your thoughts evapourate under the idle glare of the sun. 

Then it was back on the train to Bangkok; what is in a name.  The city of Angels.  Bangkok lives and breathes to the feet of its inhabitants.  The traveller area  -the Kho San- is a mass of stall and food vendors selling everything and nothing.  The process of erecting and deconstructing stalls coupled with the bewildering maze of streets-kho- and lanes-roi- makes it an ever changing space quite easy to lose yourself in.  Bangkok is good to visit for a day but any more and the solicitng for goods gets quite annoying.

From here we went onto Nakhon Ratchisama on the Isan Plateu North east Thaland.  Its second largest city but with nothing of massive interest other than its of the tourist trail and some Angkor period temples.  A place with enough local charm to keep you interested.  There was also a festival in progress with lots of processions and music and even more dedications to thei unbiquous king. 

Next the dive down into Cambodia......  Visit here for all further visits http://www.travelpod.com/travel-blog/willdyche/the_grand_tour/tpod.html

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Bloody hell, you did it again...
I'm flabbergasted bij your way of writing and reliving every letter you put on that screen.
Damn i sound like a horny groupy with a wet spot between her legs. Hmmm.. Dubious..
Have a good one mate!

  Marinus Dec 5, 2007 11:09 PM

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