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Nepal | Wednesday, June 26, 2013 | 4 photos

All that I can ever remember wanting to do is capture it, I see it in my mind I know what it is but the it itself is something I’m struggling to capture and portray to people so they understand what it is or was in that moment of time, they my not be able to explain it but they know there was something there that touches them. I know I’m close in some images I can feel it but I also feel that there is one element missing I don't know how to get it yet. I want to learn, challenge myself and every expectation that I know. My name is Jordan Corke and I would love the chance to learn the craft.
Its that feeling of awe that I want people to feel when they look at my photos because the way an image can make someone feel can transcend words. My photography so far has introduced me to many different people and cultures, which have opened my eyes more and more. When I come across knew cultures I try to understand the people and their way of life, capture that essence of just sitting talking over tea or watching loved ones pass to their next life, it only enriches my soul and I want others to feel the same way by just staring at my photograph.

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