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We didn't 'Planet'! One camper van. Two blokes. Four weeks. What could go wrong?

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Thirty-three years young, Timo is originally from the Channel Islands and now lives in New Zealand. He has spent much of his time working as a professional gamekeeper, managing private estates for hunting and conservation. About six years ago, he caught the travel bug, and has been on and off the trail ever since. Nearing the end of his current trip, over the last two years, he has tried to travel from UK to NZ without flying. The Ambassador trip is yet another unforeseen opportunity to do something different. Timo likes to write, in a strictly amateur fashion of course, and has maintained a popular website, The Wander Years, following the journey. He also likes boats, all outdoor stuff and trying anything new. He has a penchant for tupperware and stationery.


Thirty something Matt was born and bred in South Island New Zealand. He now temporarily lives in Queensland, Australia. He is a farm boy through and through, and has worked around the world usually with agriculture. An extensive traveller, Matt knows how to survive on the road. On his most recent trip in 2006, he worked the American cereal harvest, starting in the Deep South and following the season northwards. Matt likes anything with an engine and girls. He is especially fond of apples.

This trip:

Timo was making his way to Australia anyway, when he lined up the Ambassador number. Without much of an idea what he was going to do, he accepted the challenge. He figured it would be much more fun to have a buddy along, and it didn’t take a lot of thinking to select the perfect candidate. Despite knowing each other for years, and often meeting up in random locations either side of the world, they have yet to actually do a road trip together. It only took a single phone call, which went something like this: “Hey bro….I’m doing this trip…. Etc…. look, I know you have work and stuff, no hurry, but have a think about it”. Before Timo could even complete his sentence, Matt chipped in. “Yup, I’ll do it”. Timo: “But, surely you want to think, check with the boss, organise things”. Matt: “Done. I just thought about it”. Timo: “Sweeet”.

Since that moment, not so long ago actually, they have spoken at least once and thrown a few ideas around. So far, they have come up with absolutely nothing.

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