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Passport & Plate - Thai Chicken-Mango Salad

Philippines | Wednesday, February 25, 2015 | 5 photos

Thai chicken-Mango Salad

- 1/4 kg chicken fillet
- 1 medium cucumber
- 2 pcs medium mango
- 1 can sweetened corn kernels
- 1 medium carrot
- 1 cup crushed peanut
- ginger
- Romaine/iceberg lettuce
- Sweet and Spicy sauce

- croutons


How to prepare this recipe
- Boil chicken fillet until cooked. Cool for few minutes, shred in to small pieces, set aside.
- Cut the mangoes and cucumber into small cubes, set aside.
- Shred carrot into small portions and mince ginger.
- Mix all the ingredients.
- Plate the dish with lettuce (or cut to small pieces, depends on your preference), then with the salad.
- Be generous with the sweet and spicy on top.
- Top it with crushed peanuts, croutons and pinch of black pepper to taste.

Serves 4-6 persons.


The story behind this recipe
I remember the first time I got to Thailand back in 2013. As me and my friend decided to take a stroll and find something to munch on downtown Bangkok (as we were so naive and indifferent with the place since it is almost the same as Manila), we were stopped and asked by some tourists (thinking we were locals just minding our own businesses) for directions. Like what any fools (we were) would do to help, we walked and took them to the place they were supposed to go (thinking this is just a few minutes away from our hotel and close to the mall we were heading to as well). Thanks to our basic "knowledge" of the place and streets through Google.

Then there we stumbled upon a sidewalk eatery where, unlike any other, offers some classy and dashing yet affordable cuisines like Peking duck, ice cream on fresh coconuts, noodles, and you guessed it, chicken-mango salad. We had our first Thai dish, a salad out of all the choices, and loved it that we had to look for it while traveling and filming to north. Unfortunately they only had them offered on selected spots and we only got to have our last plate of salad on our last day of stay.

And I, who were lucky enough to re-live my first Thai experience, bumped into this local restaurant that showcases southeast Asian dishes after almost 2 years, and had my mouthwatering, long awaited moment chicken-mango salad taste again.