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Ghosts, Graveyards and Cypress Knees

About wanderingeli

New Smyrna, grandpa's hat

New Smyrna, grandpa's hat

Who am I?  I imagine that is the question that I hope to answer by traveling.  It is such a complicated thing, discerning what attributes are inherent to myself and which ones are a product of my environment and circumstances.  Only by constantly changing do the immovable parts of myself become staggeringly obvious; boulders braced against the flowing river.

But, I suppose, this question is requesting a more specific and logistical answer.  I am Eli, self-declared citizen of the non-existant Cascadia.  Chef by trade, writer by passion, and traverler by necessity; my feet just don't stand still very well.  Jack-of-all (ok, some) trades; master of none.  I think that diversity and adaptability are the attributes with aspiring towards.  I fear stagnation above all else, and am doing my best to differentiate between still and stagnant - as I'm told the former is a significant landmark on the path to inner peace.

I secretly want to be a truck driver, but I will settle for a camper van.

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About wanderingeli

New Smyrna, grandpa's hat

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