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My Scholarship entry - How Human

Indonesia | Friday, 14 November 2014 | 5 photos

A little while back, I made a decision to leave my marketing career and the glamorous world of fluorescent lighting and cubicles behind. A childhood spent reading National Geographic and a mild quarter life crisis ignited my desire to travel the globe, so I took the plunge and left everything behind. That was over 3 years ago. I've been on the move ever since, roaming from country to country and working when I need to save for the next leg of the journey. Through my travels, I developed a passion for capturing images that show the wonders this planet has to offer. I want to inspire people. To get up. To move. To do. To break out of their comfort zones and see the world and it’s amazing people and cultures. See it now while there are still beautiful places to see. See it now before they are physically unable to do so. Most of all, see it now to inspire others to do the same. If we get enough people to care about the beautiful things on this planet, then we all might work a bit harder to preserve them. If my photos can capture even a sliver of what it's like to see and experience these things, then maybe others will be motivated to pick up and go as well, like those that inspired me.

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