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World Nomads 2010 Scholarship

My Photo scholarship 2010 entry

Worldwide | Saturday, 16 October 2010 | flickr photos

A photograph is a very unique thing, it can transport you in time and place, it has an ability to evoke emotions and bring back the memories from younger days. A truly great photograph can swallow you whole.
A Fair is also very unique but at the same time common place. It is one of the few places that actually travels to you. One day there is an open field and the next there is a small bustling community full of lights and sounds. At night the air is electric, and everything comes alive. Almost everyone has been to a Fair, but they never are exactly the same. Each one is different, but in the end each one creates a different experience and memory for the visitor.
With the pictures that I have chosen I attempted to capture the mood and energy of the fair. I chose to photograph it at night because of vibrancy of the lights and the pop that the background of a night sky gave them. With each picture I wanted the viewer to feel a part of the fair, to evoke memories of the Fairs that they have been to, and to even feel the need to go and experience the Fair for themselves. A great photograph can capture the essence of the place and cause the viewer to want to experience it for themselves.
The reason I should be chosen is because I would love the opportunity to see and experience a place like Bhutan and use the photographs that I take to share my experience with other people. The skills that I would learn would increase my ability to more creatively capture the environment.

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