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My Scholarship entry - From France and Ireland

Ireland | Tuesday, November 4, 2014 | 5 photos

Dear Comittee board,

I am French citizen, living in the UK for two years now. My passion is to travel, like many others I supposed.
I have been travelling for several years, notably for my studies but also for the pleasure. I have visited a few continents, except South-Central America and Oceania. I have a travel blog to which I dedicate a few hours per day, trying to share my adventures, stories and pictures with my lectors, friends and family.

Photography is another passion that goes with travelling in my case. I have been taking lots of pictures in the past few years, with a regular camera, not a reflex, just a nice and small one. I mainly use disposable cameras when travellingm, but also Polaroid cameras (I like their vintage aspect).
But the camera I am the more proud about is my Weltaflex, a camera made in Germany in the 50's, with black and white films.

So I carry all these equipements when travelling and still, I believe I should improve my techniques, being able to make outstanding pictures, an additionnal value I could add to my blog and to my personal knowledge before all.
This scholarship would be for me an amazing opportunity I could learn a lot from.

Thank you.

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