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Passport & Plate - Herring under a fur coat

Belarus | Tuesday, 11 March 2014 | 4 photos

- spicy herring
- boiled potatoes
- carrots
- boiled red beet
- boiled eggs
- mayonnaise


How to prepare this recipe
First the layer of the salty spicy herring fillet should be cut into small pieces and put on a flat dish.
After that the first layer should be consistently covered by layers of cut boiled potatoes, boiled carrots and polished cooked beet. It is also possible to add a layer of of onions and green apples.
In the majority of recipes mayonnaise should be put between layers and above. Ready salad is usually decorated with greens and cut rubbed boiled eggs from above.

Bon Appetit! :)


The story behind this recipe
The author of this salad is the merchant Anastas Bogomilov, the owner of a set of popular dining rooms and taverns in Moscow. In revolutionary times his clients got drunk quite often, started arguing on destiny of the homeland and, naturally, arranged fights with beating plates, glasses and damaging furniture.
Then Anastas came to a wonderful thought of creating a national salad which would become a good snack and a symbol of unity. For the first time the dish was prepared on the New Year's eve of the 1919th. The herring, favorite delicacy of proletarians, became the main ingredient of the salad. Moreover, Anastas added onions, native potato and carrots and a blood-red beet beet layer, symbolising a blood-red banner. By the way, the was covered with french mayonnaise to symbolize the West World.
The effect was fantastic and guests ate this snack with pleasure after drinking vodka.
This simple, but very rich and tasty dish, and as a result of good snack, lead to a big decrease in fights.

This dish is in a funny way a symbol of the history of the region.

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