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My Scholarship entry - A 'place' I have visited

Australia | Friday, 5 July 2013 | 4 photos

Ever since I was young, I loved taking photos and sharing my experience of that place with family and friends.

I always try to focus on things others may overlook, hopefully making an interesting image. I am also not afraid to try new techniques.

Over the past 2 years I have also entered the Canon EOS 5 competitions. Entering these have not only helped me improve my photography skills but also pushed my creativity skills as the briefs required me to use materials which I have never used before. The competitions have taught me that I still have a lot to learn about using my camera and I am determined to continue improving my skills.

Currently I am studying photography and the review I got back which will always stick to me is "Your photos look like they came out of a Nat Geo magazine." Although this was actually a negative feedback on my work, I was secretly happy. Working for Nat Geo as a photographer has always been a dream job for me.

If I was selected for this trip, I would hope that my current camera skill level is enough to record my journey, hopefully in an interesting way, for everyone to see. It would be an awesome experience and a chance for me to improve my skills.

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