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The long way home After 3 years in the UK we're off back home to NZ, but not before attempting to rid ourselves of the dreaded travel lurgy.

Hey you, where you go?!?

THAILAND | Friday, 28 December 2007 | Views [755] | Comments [3]

Urrr we're not in the UK anymore...

Urrr we're not in the UK anymore...

After a few tear filled goodbyes we made it to Thailand...eventually. Our plane was delayed in Dubai for 5 hours and when we were landing in Bangkok some psycho started to beat up this passenger and there was blood flying. Unsurprisingly the Emirates air hostesses calls to 'Please return to your seats' didn't stop the brawl, luckily some other passengers jumped him and restrained him across the centre row of seats tied up with seat belts..ingenious!

So, yeah, the trip was eventful to say the least. We had 3 days in Bangkok, the first thing we noticed was the heat, we had just come from Wales high of 6 degrees to Bangkok high of 35 degrees. We still aren't used to it..yummy...sweat. Looked at some cool temples-did some shopping climatised to the 'hey you, where you go?' catch phrase from the endless number of taxi and tuk-tuk drivers and left to Kanchanaburi and my first encounter with mozzies and the lovely asian toilets and bathrooms. We went to Erawan waterfalls which were beautiful like a mini Plitvice. The water was bright turquoise and the only difficult thing there was to get used to the fish trying to bite my arse while Vien was taking pics.

Next stop Ayutthaya, one of Thailands ancient capitals so heaps of old temples. Couldn't resist hiring a scooter even though memories from our accident in the Greek islands are still fresh. (That is a matter of perspective as I can only vaguely recall it)  Pretty good coz everybody thought Vien was Thai so we didn't have to pay to see the Wats.
I spotted a yummy looking stew at the annual Ayutthaya festival and asked what it was, the lady replied 'like chicken' good enough for me so I picked up a plate, tucked in and quickly realised that it wasn't chicken but couldn't pick what it was, it tasted good so I carried on...until I saw the torso of a grasshopper. Anyway, I was a bit grossed out at which point I had another spoonful for some weird reason. Well the quarter plate left went in the bin on route to the safety of the spring roll stall.

Next stop Khao Yai National park. To do a days trek in the rainforest. Our guide 'Jeep' took the two of us on a more 'adventurous trek' which involved going through vegetation about 7 feet high and doing some impromptu rock climbing. My only instruction 'use long leg, use long leg' Thankfully no injuries. Following around Jeep was like living an episode of Ray Mears. He showed us how to live off the jungle we treaked wild elephants 'Come see this poo is only 3 or 4 hours old, still fresh!'Saw 'the waterfall' from 'The Beach' which was wasted on both Vien and myself as neither of us have seen the movie. We saw some monkeys, gibbon, hornbill birds and the highlight a python, which we had to pull the tail of as it is 'one time in life you see!' Great day. 

Next Chiang Mai which wasn't too good. Vien & I have been really sick (stupid mozzies) So we have not seen much at all. We've been dosing up with drugs (fellow phcist geeks, you can buy ANYTHING OTC here). We are both a little better so don't worry Mums!! We went and did a Thai cooking course. Learn't how to make a few good dishes highlight: banana fritters with coconut ice cream and our own red curry paste.

Christmas was spent in Pai with all those hippys!!! We rafted from Pai to Mae Hong Son which is our last stop in Thailand (for now) before we fly to Cambodia. Our next update will be in the new year so have a safe and enjoyable silly season!!

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Hey u guys, well apart from a few wild parties, next one at my house new years eve...not much going on..I think I'll take a gap year when my contract runs out in June... You've had an absolute blast, aintya?

  beverley goldman Dec 28, 2007 2:57 AM


Happy New Year to you both.

  Onivefu Odelade Dec 28, 2007 11:52 PM


Oh, I remember all the places you are talking about. I really wish I was there! Glad you had a good Chrimbo and I hope the next year is a happy one. Looking forward to the next adventure story xxx

  carla_and_dean Jan 7, 2008 8:58 PM

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