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Eliza Capai is a journalist, filmmaker and editor since 2002, working as an international correspondent freelancer for many different communication outlets in Brazil.

Graduated from Art and Communication School of Universidade de São Paulo (ECA/USP), she completed her studies at the Escuela de Documentalistas and Centro Cultural Rojas, both in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

From 2004 to 2006, she had worked as a freelancer for TV Bandeirantes, TV Cultura and Portal Terra, producing video reports in Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela, Haiti and Argentina.

In 2008, she directed and edited several video news reports for the program “Central das Artes”, for Televisión América Latina (TAL TV), where she presented  art and culture from Central America and Mexico. While traveling around America, she also worked as an internacional correspondant for the program “Saia Justa” (GNT/Globosat).

In November 2008, she won the Public Award at the Migration Festival, organized by Radio Canadá, for the short feature “Georgina’s Magic Wand”. The film, which is a preliminary study for the long feature “Dislocated”was shot during a nine month trip from Panamá to the USA, when she produced a report series about women migration for the Forum Magazine (SP).

Eliza is now working on short documentaries about women in Marocco, Mali, Cape Vert, Ethiope, Mozambique and South Africa, for the GNT cable tv program “Saia Justa”. The production ended in the 2010 World Cup, in South Africa.

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