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My Photo scholarship 2010 entry

Bosnia & Herzegovina | Sunday, 17 October 2010 | 3 photos

I have a job now. I'm an adult. I have an office to go, a salary to get. I have a day-life, night-life, family and friends... I live in a city. I have sunny days, rainy days, easy days, endless days... but I was happier before.
I live my "third life" in Bosnia now - first one was before living in Thailand, second one between leaving Thailand and going to Croatia. Both of those places gave me new eyes, new pieces of me. And both times I had to come back, to discover and find my real home. It's a small village where I belong. It's a cloud, it's a sunshine and it's a field where they meet.
My photos keep me going through the "real" days for some time. They remind me of places and they are my places to go. After Thailand it took over a year of talking, writing, analyzing what have my eyes and my camera kept telling me. It took few months (and still does) after Croatia. And this time it's hard. I need new place to find my new-self and to come back home once more. I'll find my new - happier- self in new leaves, new trees, new clouds and another kind of green.. It has to be like that. It happened before... at least that's what I believe...

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