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My Scholarship entry - Ashland: The Silent Reminder

Poland | Friday, 21 November 2014 | 5 photos

Reading has always been a big part of my life, since my granny used to teach Russian and Literature at a school in a small town north of Minsk, Glubokoe. Creating stories always fascinated me. A crafted stories added to moving images make films, which I enjoy very much. Meanwhile, a photo does not need a crafted story, as photos tell stories themselves.
One day, I found myself with a camera, taking photos of object and details around me. I was trying to find stories, to capture them so that others can see them too. I believe that photography is, to a huge extend, a matter of luck. If you get lucky, you will get those few shots that explain it all. So every time I browse through my shots, I hope I got lucky to catch it. You know, a good photo speaks to you when you see it. This is what I would want to learn how to do. I believe, this scholarship is a great opportunity for me to get better at this craft and bring myself to use. I would like to tell some stories with photography, capture them for as far in future as I can see.
Objects, like people, can speak and, no doubts, they must have a lot to tell, as some of them evidenced a lot more, than people, who can tell them out loud.

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