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My Photo scholarship 2010 entry

United States Outlying Islands | Monday, 20 September 2010 | 4 photos

My name is Christina Hope House. I've included my middle name because I think it says a lot about my personality; I'm always hoping. I'm the only daughter out of four kids, two older brothers, one younger. My family and I have traveled much of the US since I was seven, which I think imbued me with wanderlust at an early age. I've seen the hills and mountains of Vermont, the deserts and scrub of Texas, and pretty much everything in between. Yet I still have not been to another country, something I long to do. When I see things, I see them in terms of what sort of picture they would make. My fingers are always itching for a camera that is rarely there. I have no money for one of my own, so I am always borrowing my brother's or best friend's.
Why do I deserve this Scholarship? Because quite honestly this is probably my only chance to experience something like this. To see other lands, other cultures, other peoples, creatures, forests and mountains that I've never seen before. Each year I think maybe it'll be possible next year, and then next year is this year and I'm hoping for the next.

My photos that I've entered were taken with a Nikon N50. I really do love the texture and feel that film has. It kind of adds a depth and character that I think is lacking in a lot of cheap digital cameras. These photos were taken as I was walking along a biking trail just outside of the town I live in, at a neat little butterfly garden that had been planted at a split in the trail. There were butterflies and bumble bees everywhere, along with some less savory types like spiders and the dreaded mosquito. The biking path is kind of my getaway when I want to be alone. There's hardly ever anyone there, and it's just so peaceful and beautiful to sit out in nature

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