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Passport & Plate - 4S mixed rice

Philippines | Wednesday, 12 March 2014 | 5 photos

steamed rice
cooking oil
dried anchovies
shrimp paste
chili flakes
garlic (minced)
ginger (minced)
tomatoes (wedged)
mangoes (green and ripe- cubed)
meat (any type)
vegetables (any kind)


How to prepare this recipe
1. Heat the pan and add the cooking oil, turning the heat down to low.
2. Beat the egg and pour into hot pan. Spread it inside the pan so that it is fried thinly like crepe.
3. Remove the fried egg from the pan. Roll and cut into thin strips as if rolling and cutting a sushi. Set aside.
4. Stir-fry the meat, I'm using crab sticks this time but any type of meat will do.
5. Leaving the cooked crab sticks in one side of the pan, add and stir-fry the vegetables (I'm using frozen mixed veggies).
6. Leave the vegetables in the pan together with the cooked crab sticks. Next, saute the tomatoes.
7. In one side of the pan, fry the dried anchovies until golden brown, take care not to let them get burned. Remove them from the pan and keep aside together with the egg strips prepared earlier.
8. Saute the garlic and ginger.
9. Add the rice, chili flakes, shrimp paste, egg strips and anchovies, mix well. Turn the heat to medium.
10. Finally, add the mangoes and enjoy!


The story behind this recipe
McDonalds french fries. M&M's chocolates. Green mangoes. Lots and lots of black pepper. Is it just me who craves for these stuffs at the same time?
It's not healthy to consume these types of food every time I crave for something salty, sweet, sour and spicy at once –I know that. And to be honest, after eating all of these, I didn't feel full, satisfied or happy.
I didn't want to disappoint anyone because there's no story behind this recipe. It might not even be authentic and unique. It does not come with a history, but there are several reasons why I created this dish.
I wanted to prepare a dish using any readily available ingredients, an easy and quick recipe with no strict rules on measurements. Something I can do even in a small kitchen space, even during camping. Something that's so savory and flavorful that I would only ask for a glass of water after having it. Something that would satisfy my cravings and keeps my stomach and heart warm for a long time. Something that would remind of me of the sweetness or spiciness of the dishes I've had during my travels. When I crave for stroopwafels that I enjoyed so much in Utrecht, so I put some honey, sweet corn kernels and prunes . Most of the time I love to have it sour and spicy like Thailand's famous tom yam; I would then toss in pineapples and chili. In some occasions I miss the dried fish from the Philippines and I add in more shrimp paste. This dish is quite versatile, one can adjust the amount of each ingredient depending on one's mood and what he's presently craving for.
There you have it, a dish that would surely bring comfort and nostalgia. This is not just a typical mixed rice, it's my comfort food. What's yours?

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