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Tasmanian Routes

Tasmanian Routes

Australia | Sunday, 13 January 2013 | 3 photos

It’ll be almost two years now since I got into photography through my friend.I purchased some photography books to ensure that I really wanted to invest in photography.They convinced me; I bought a DSLR camera.I fell in love with it.Photography became my passion.When I hold my camera all everyday worries go suddenly aside.I always look for ways to take better pictures.My dream is to have my photo in a printed publication just as it is a dream for an amateur hockey player to win the Stanley Cup;however to have my picture in National Geographic magazine would be like winning the lottery.I’d like to show people the world through real eyes, so that people begin to realize the needs of our planet.I’d like to get people interested in cultures, nature, animals and their harmony.I want to show them that life doesn’t end behind their house door or outside their home town, but has larger dimensions than people think.That's the reason why I’m applying for this scholarship,to help people see outside the square through my photography and to learn something new from a professional photographer.It would be an experience of my life and would definitely help me in my next photography phase.

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