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Finding Love in Singapore Finding love among people and places, all in a small eventful trip to Singapore.

Finding Love in Singapore

Singapore | Wednesday, 26 June 2013 | 5 photos

Even if this was my last day to live, I would be out somewhere with my camera in hand, clicking pictures to absorb the nectar of life; and those pictures would be the final bits of my exploration of self and the world.

Although I've been studying engineering for last three years, visual imagery and storytelling has enthused me since childhood. "When you dwell deeply in the details, you'll begin loving the world and yourself more", my arts teacher would say in school. But it was much later that I took up photography.

When 20, I was diagnosed with Graves Ophthalmopathy and told that there were chances I might not be able to see someday. After frantic days of paranoia and depression, I bought a camera to click. It not only brought me closer to myself and the little things of life, but gave me freezed frames of exquisite beauty that life has, for there is so much to see, feel, and be part of.

I should be chosen because I want to share this very spirit of adventure and love with everyone in the world and to inspire them to take risks, be challenged, enjoy the beauty of God's creation, and create defining memories for themselves.

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