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My Photo scholarship 2010 entry

Brazil | Sunday, 5 September 2010 | 5 photos

Having parents that lived in different corners of the world, and being myself this peculiar mix between a blue eyed blond german,and an incredibly beautiful mulatta from Brazil, I started early to search the world over for the multitude of colors I had only seen inside myself until then. Then I travelled around the world, looking for a place I didn't even know for sure if it really existed. I could never have guessed how hard this task would be. Sure there are a lot of beautiful places in the world,but beauty was not enough.I wanted more than just pure beauty. What I was looking for doesn't have a name yet.
Disappointed I couldn't find my colors or a place where my soul would just say "this is it,Erica, we can stop looking now", I got back to Brazil to suddenly realize I traveled the whole world looking for something that was right here the whole time: HOME. It's always been here, I just couldn't see it before through those inexperient eyes.So I took these photos to remind myself: wherever you are, never forget where you came from.Ubique patrie memor.
These photos aren't professional.They are just me, telling you in an image what I carry inside myself. This is the place where I grew up, those are my memories: Ipanema/Leblon beaches. Not the turistic side of them, but MY side of them.
I was trying to sing my favorite bossa nova with images instead of notes, with a camera, instead of a guitar.My dad made me believe I was the inspiring muse for the Girl from Ipanema song till I was 7. That’s why I calculated a different angle, so that a quick look would be enough for me to feel the sand on my feet, the breeze messing up my hair, the sea salt all over my skin.
Why you should choose me? Well, I found my colors. Now, I need to learn how to help other people to find theirs.

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