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Cambodia: Then and Now (Scholarship Entry)

My Scholarship entry - Cambodia: Then and Now

Cambodia | Thursday, June 27, 2013 | 5 photos

I’m Tyson Battersby. I work with at-risk youth whilst I study Teacher Education and Science. I love coffee, games, helping people, finding out how stuff works, and of course, taking photos. I want to capture the beauty of the world around me, and show that our environment and planet are worth saving , not squandering. If I were chosen for this scholarship, I would use it to absorb as much information about photography as I could. I would aim, as Jason says, to be a “photographer” not just “someone who takes pictures”. I love travelling; however my experiences have been, environmentally speaking, somewhat limited. I have been to Cambodia four times for charity work, around my own state (Western Australia), and to the USA, but these places are far from arctic. I’ve never seen snow let alone had an opportunity to photograph it. As a scientist-in-training, I’m also interested in seeing Greenland from a scientific point-of-view. Given climate-change and rising sea-levels, Greenland along with Antarctica pose some interesting scenarios if their icy landscapes were to melt. It would be a great opportunity to witness and capture these grand arctic climes at this particular time in history.

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