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Hi to one and all,

I'm a 26 year old lone traveller from England. I've been Living and (recently) working in Melbourne since the end of last year. I'm here on a working holiday visa and as I'm sure you all know to stay another year in this wonderful country I need to do three months rural work. So hence the start of this blog, I have never written one before, I dont even have a diary but to back up my 2nd visa application I will endeavour to try and remember to write this.

In 3 weeks (4th April) I will be leaving Melbourne (and my Crazy 73 year old land lady) to go to Mansfield, 2 hours away. I will, for the first time, attempt some woofing. My first experience with woofing will be at a small rural zoo/camp site (odd combination I know). I have no idea what to expect, what I'll be doing or how I'll be living - but its a non negotiable adventure. I hoping to last 4-6 weeks there but only time will tell!

Wish me luck 


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