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Mt Hagen Sing Sing

My Photo scholarship 2010 entry

Papua New Guinea | Sunday, 22 August 2010 | 5 photos

My passion is adventure travel and over the years I have developed my photography skills through trial and error.
I always dreamed of visiting Papua New Guinea because I love interesting people and the Mt Hagen Sing Sing was the ultimate photographic opportunity.This is a cultural show introduced by the Australian Government to keep peace among the naturally aggressive tribal people.Eighty or more groups receive money to display their costumes and dances over a two day feast for the eyes.
To see the preparations as everyone dons their finery and applies make-up made me realise the importance of colour. I hope also my images portray the sounds of the event.. much shouting and war cries!
Not being very technical I have focused mainly on image content in the past as that is my strength but I would love to win this competition to extend my skills.
I know I have a good eye for shots and find stimulation in foreign surroundings.Having visited many countries I also know I have the experience to appreciate the challenge and rewards this prize would bring.
The varying light conditions in different countries is a such a huge factor but in Bhutan it couldn't be more favourable. I think my photography deserves to be taken to another level and this country would be very rewarding. In 2004 I won a Wanderlust competion with a portrait of a Burmese woman smoking a cheroot.
My favourite image of all has to be the Afghan Girl and to think I would be taking a trip with a National Geographic photographer would be just amazing.
About myself.. I am a retired pharmacy co-ordinator. Through membership of a camera club for the last 10 years I have seen a huge amount of varying styles and plenty of very bad pictures.
I think I have a good knowledge of my own artistic tastes and capabilities and would be a fun travelling companion!!

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