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My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Worldwide | Thursday, 15 September 2011 | 5 photos

First overseas trip, Vietnam and Singapore, age 14, 1 month along side my aunty and uncle. From then on i was HOOKED! Travel was my passion and what i wanted to do for many years to come. Highschool came and all i could think about was what to do after. Travel! I saved for the last years of my schooling and booked a flight to London, intending to travel the EU and work for a year on a two year visa. At the age of 17 i arrived in the big smoke , moved into a share house with 4 South African muso's and 6 months later i was assistant manager and staff trainer of a chain of restaurants. From then on every 2-3 months i would take a trip, after all i was here to travel.. and work, not the other way round. Rome , Florence , Venice , Switzerland , Scotland , Ireland , Paris, Prague, Poland and Holland . Possibly the most incredible 2 years of my life. Moving to London had very well lived up to it's expectations. On leaving the UK i had already planned my next trip. SA, inspired by my housemates ! Throughout the planning stages of my next trip from Australia i somehow stumbled across a new found passion i had for photography after buying a 'u bute' camera for upcoming trips. You tube videos , google , travel photography books , just wanted to learn more!! South Africa opened my eyes to photography . My passion for travel , people and culture just made it that much easier to find subjects to photograph. My camera never left my side! I have this love and curiosity for the way other people live and the stories they have to tell. Portrait shots i took while over there later reminded me why i slave it for a year in a job i hate (hospitality) ....because i had now found my calling in life, the two things i loved could be combined together to create my dream job!

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