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Stories of a Traveller Girl

About travellergirl

As they say, “the truth hurts, so we lie. (Grey’s Anatomy)”. That’s one quote I’ll always remember as I find the philosophy of life really interesting. That aside, I’m a Latin dance enthusiast who has a soft spot for Contemporary dance, oddly enough. I can’t live without dance and I always believe that if you have faith, the love of your family and the best friendships in the world, you’re all set to go.

Me as a person? I can be nice, sweet, crazy and emotional. I talk too much, club too much and I can be a little too forward at times. I love dancing and music, and I try to live without regrets. I guess we all do that, don't we? That aside, I'm just a "little girl" as I describe myself, living LOTR (Life On The Road) who is working towards her goal of attaining both location and financial independence. I strongly believe in human rights and the very, very basic right of respect. I try my best to live by that, and to help/volunteer wherever I can.


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