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uniqueness is bound to prevail experiencing the unknown while immersing yourself in the art of photography

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pot boy somewhere outside of Kratie, Cambodia on the Mekong river; how many peop

pot boy somewhere outside of Kratie, Cambodia on the Mekong river; how many peop

....well...I can’t really tell y’all who I am since I have not fully discovered that yet but I can certainly tell you who I have been and what I have done in the past 27 years. As soon as I had graduated from University of Oregon with a History major I started working for the Mississippi Department of Archives as an archivist for about little over a year but then I decided to quit and begin my endless journey to various exotic and gorgeous places such as; US Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Trinidad, Mexico, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe etc. Obviously, I should not repeat that travelling is my biggest passion of all but I am also equally as passionate about reading, writing and photography. I have not been able to pursue these tremendous activities enough thus the travel scholarship to South Africa would be more than beneficial since, not only would it greatly increase my photography knowledge and give me a chance to interact and learn from the professional but it would also open a completely new possibility of learning to do one of the things I love and find truly amazing. Being able to express one through photographs has always been very appealing to me since it gives the photographer plenty of freedom to improvise and be creative making his shots tell significantly more than words would. When I am preparing to take a shot I always pretend as if I am personally absent thus pushing myself to take a shot that says the most it can say about the specific place, event, person of situation. Frankly, it would my great honor to be given this opportunity of assisting the great photography wizard such as Mr. Jason Edward and learn highly valuable photography skills which I would frequently use. Prior experience interacting with different cultures, seeing many different natural wonders and striving for unknown and unusual are some of my strengths. I do feel that I qualify for this amazing travel scholarship/brief internship but of course y’all will be the judge of that....Thank y’all for taking your time to view my photos, read my brief journal and consider me for the travel scholarship in South Africa!!!

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