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Maria Camille in Costa Rica

Maria Camille in Costa Rica

“Think Outside – No Box Needed”


Maria Camille is a grounded risk taker, adventurer and visionary who not only foretells trends, but also incubates them as well as lives them.  

As an inveterate traveler who has logged hundreds of thousands of miles parachuting from the sky and criss-crossing the globe – and as a deep thinker who travels within to the Warrior spirit at the core of her being. 

The story of Maria’s life – the catalog of her achievements and undertakings – is more than enough to make her an expert on the of Adventure Travel.  Even old sailors would have a hard time spinning a more fantastic yarn than Maria Camille, whose adventures have taken her from Alaskan Inuit Villages to prison in New Guinea to producing lifestyle television to viewers miles above the Earth. 

Extreme sports were her vehicle and her training ground.  As she amassed accolades and medals in skydiving and martial arts, she also pioneered new industries, most notably that of niche lifestyle media. 

After more than two decades as a journalist and producer in media publishing, Maria has learned that the old way of doing things just doesn’t fly anymore.  New times mean new industries.  The world is always changing and media is always evolving with it.  As technology brings the means of producing high quality visual media to everyone, it becomes possible for anyone to create their own platform for sharing ideas, interests, and passions.  The old form of journalism and travel writing, of traveling and photography is quickly becoming obsolete and creative individuals are adapting to the new paradigms.  Luckily, that means individuals like Maria, herself, can be more creative than ever, as they are no longer contributing to someone else’s publication, but owning the publication themselves. 

Maria Camille believes that every interest is one that should be shared with likeminded individuals.  Every passion is a niche, every niche is marketable.  To that end, she created Enjoy Beauty International a little over a year ago, quickly taking it from a viable media platform to a means of teaching what she has learned to a new generation of dreamers like her.


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