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Transplanted Tatar A collection of snapshots from my recent wanderings in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

About transplantedtatar

This is a story of a nomad (a Tatar, no less) sprouting roots and, to her complete surprise, enjoying the experience. Still, the world is a tempting place, and I will continue to explore it–glimpse by glimpse, if I have to. Most of my travel is through work. I invariably end up in extraordinary places at the worst possible time. Limitations abound: the weather is at its worst, I have only a couple of hours in a day to explore (often after closing times, and when I am about to collapse from exhaustion), and it’s almost never on weekends. This is a blessing. The choices are so obvious, and always an adventure–plus, I find, many places are more themselves off-season, off-hours, behind the scenes. Alternatively, the destinations are utterly uninspiring, but, once I am there, surely, there is something to see? Usually, there is. Pleasant surprises and accidental discoveries during my work travel shaped my approach to travel generally: I do the research but am also more spontaneous, more adventurous about the places we visit and when we visit them than ever before. This off-season, hidden-treasure hunt I’ve been forced into has become my preferred wandering style

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