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Kite Festival Satun

Kite Festival Satun

i am human. 
for the last five years of my life i have decided to fuel my body without devouring the flesh of another sentient being.
some call this being vegetarian. 
a nurturer, i feel ever-so-struck and greatly overwhelmed by the beauty of places and spaces, 
by people, by all that surrounds me...
colours, seashells, the fresh smell of wet African soil after the rain intrigue me. my list could go on forever.
i treasure phenomenons.
like sunsets. 
and laughter. 
i love laughing as much as i love hearing people around me laugh. that doesnt make me funny. 
attention to detail is the key. 
you see something, you share it. let the whole world know. and make them share their own treasures again in return. 
becoming quiet every now and again is important to me. 
just shutting up and slowing down can do worlds of good, especially in this hectically busy time we find ourselves in. 
senses amaze me...how smells can instantly re-awaken moments long passed. when memories feel more real than the cold snow on your face or the salty waves rushing over your body.
i love how we're all different, yet essentially the same.
we breathe,
it's just one joyous celebration really.  

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